Skyrim SE: All Shapes BodyGen + Physics

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Moderate Version or Original Recipe

Provides a wide and almost endless variety of both female and male body shapes using RaceMenu BodyGen, CBBE (SMP works best, though regular physics and 3BBB also work) and Sam Light. Specially designed physics settings based on CBBE SMP is included for extra fun (though CBBE SMP is optional).

Extensively tested! No more cookie-cutter NPCs!

Remember when you first met Lydia and you thought, wow... just... wow.

Well, she's been a bit down these last few years waiting for her thane to show up, and now she's a little on the "plus" side.

And who can forget Adrianne, that fiery brunette working the forge all day?

It seems those Battle-Borns have been working her so hard she barely has time to eat, and now she's thin as a rake!

And how about that Eorlund, huh? He might be an elderly chap, but dayam!

Okay, so these days he's developed a serious meat pie addiction, and now getting up those steps to the Skyforge is a bit of a struggle...

And who can forget Elisif? Poor, lovely Elisif...

Well, she got sick of General Tullius treating her like a child, so she decided to hit the gym and start lifting. She committed, and now she's ripped!

And they're all beautiful in their own, unique way.

This add-on uses Racemenu's BodyGen system, CBBE's in-game morph sliders and (optionally) morphs provided by the Sam Light body, to randomly generate an (almost) limitless variety of body shapes for all NPCs in the game, including those added by other mods!

Also included is an enhanced HDT-SMP physics config based on CBBE SMP, designed specifically for use with this BodyGen system.


1 CBBE for SE
2 Bodyslide
3 RaceMenu
5 Optional, but highly recommended - CBBE SMP - I posted some instructions on Nexus on how to greatly improve the performance of the CBBE SMP body using Outfit Studio (it's very easy). This BodyGen config also works with the regular CBBE physics body, and 3BBB also works from my initial testing, but some NPC's will look a bit funny with their clothes off (but hey, don't we all?). If using 3BBB, make sure my defaultBBPs.xml file doesn't override 3BBB's.
7 Optional - Remodeled Armor for CBBE + Girl's Heavy Armors - other armor replacers may also work, but these two handle the wide array of body shapes very well without clipping. The standard CBBE refits also look great. I haven't tested every armor mod out there so there may be clipping on some extreme sizes.
8 Only required if you want the men included, and this stuff will be a bit more taxing on your system so be warned (if this doesn't interest you, skip to step 11) - Sam Light
9 Also from VectorPlexus - Sam Light high poly body - this includes all the clothing and armor refits for this BodyGen to work
10 And finally for the men - SAM Morphs for Racemenu - you'll have a choice here whether to use my BodyGen (in which, case choose "no" to installing the bodygen files) or to use KouLeifoh's. The difference? My bodygen is more random, so anyone you meet could be muscly, fat or a bit of both. KouLeifoh's is based on class, so 2H warriors for example will always be big muscly dudes, regular citizens more likely to be fat, etc. I prefer the randomness, but take your pick. If you choose KouLeifoh's, it will overwrite mine (even if you install mine later)
11 And of course XPMSSE and SKSE

You will need to batch build your female body, clothing and armors in Bodyslide with zeroed sliders (make sure "Build Morphs" is ticked). Solid armors like steel, iron, dwarven etc. tend to look a bit funny due to their lack of physics - so I've included a quick and easy Bodyslide preset so you can build these armors separately. If using regular CBBE body physics or 3BBB, you can tweak the Pushup slider before building your meshes - especially for 3BBB which seems to add a lot of "droop" in its CBPC config.

Note that you don't need to build anything for the males - they work out of the box.

Some important things to note about BodyGen, and in particular my settings:

With this BodyGen setup, female NPCs will be random! You've been warned! You won't see anyone hugely overweight or anorexic, but you might be surprised by what you see - that's the whole fun of this mod! Also don't expect to see ridiculously proportioned women - no enormous hips or impossibly thin waistlines (though some women are impressively well endowed)

Male NPCs will be somewhat influenced by their base weight due to Sam Light's body morphing, so blacksmiths for example will rarely be skinny, however you may occasionally come across a strangely well-built beggar or a scrawny mercenary - such is the rich tapestry of Skyrim!

If you load BodyGen in an existing save, NPCs you have already encountered in your save will not get the bodygen morphs. If you're using BodyGen for the first time or if you've made major changes to the presets, this is always best experienced on a new save. Even if this weren't the case for practical reasons, it makes sense for immersion - it would be weird if Lydia suddenly got fat for no reason.

The bodygen morphs will cover NPCs added by other mods, except for standalone followers e.g. Sofia (unless you swap out their body with your standard NPC body). But there's a catch - they won't get their morphs straight away. After you first encounter these NPCs in a cell, you will need to save and re-load to see their body shape. Note that this only applies to totally unique NPC mods like Immersive Wenches, or basically any follower mod. NPCs added using leveled lists, like Warzones or Populated Skyrim Civil War edition, will get their morphs straight way.

Bodygen will add a lot more data to your save files, so depending on your setup, this may produce longer load times and/or occasional CTDs especially later in a very extensive play-through. Obviously this will be compounded by other mods that cause save game bloating. But this is always a risk when playing a heavily modded Skyrim. I've been using BodyGen for a long time now with a crap-ton of mods and I've never found it to be an issue. If your mod load is light on scripted mods, you'll be fine.

Also I just want to point out that there really isn't much to this particular mod - literally just two .txt files for the BodyGen and two .xml files for the physics - so there are no potential conflicts (except with other mods that change these files) and no load order to worry about. The other mods listed above however do have some assembly required, so please read the descriptions on those pages and follow their instructions carefully, and remember to endorse/like!

I plan to release a series of followers based on this BodyGen system, so keep an eye out for those. BodyGen is the way to make followers truly standalone and unique!

Credits, flowers and hat-taking-off:

Ousnius and Caliente for CBBE, CBBE SMP and Bodyslide (thanks to ousnius for giving me permission to include the modified xml config)

Expired for RaceMenu

hydrogensaysHDT for HDT SMP

rxkx22 and Shiva182 for Bijin skin

ChronoTrigger77 for Remodeled Armor and GIGADUEX for Girl's Heavy Armor

KouLeifoh for SAM Light, SAM Light high poly conversion and SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

Team XPMSE and Groovtama for XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended SE

All the mod authors who made my heavily-modded screenshots possible