Skyrim SE: All Shapes 3BA & HIMBO Edition

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3BA & HIMBO Version or 3BA & SAM Light Version

A successor to my original All Shapes mod, this bodygen setup uses sliders from CBBE 3BA and HIMBO to create a variety of possible body shapes for all NPCs in the game.

It's getting better, though I still prefer my original :)

There are two versions here - one with HIMBO sliders and one with the old SAM Light sliders for those who prefer that.

This is a much lighter version than my previous mod. My goal here was to create something more realistic and easier to modify if you want to adapt it to your liking.

To get this working, you will need:


CBBE and CBBE 3BA - to get it working on my setup I installed regular CBBE first and then overwrote it with 3BA with all the default options, though I'm sure any of the 3BA physics options would work fine, just make sure you have "Replace CBBE v1.6x Morph Sliders" enabled in the installation.

A 3BA clothing replacer if you want to see all the 3BA sliders working on NPCs. I used the BD's armor replacer which is good. There's another more "vanilla" style one which isn't so good, has lots of clipping.

HIMBO or SAM Light, plus a clothing replacer - SAM Light has more options in that arena, one of the reasons I still prefer it, also it just looks better


You will need to batch build your bodies and all your clothing replacers in Bodyslide using Zeroed Sliders and Build morphs checked, including HIMBO if using that version. I've included a zeroed slider preset for HIMBO for your convenience - don't use the default HIMBO presets or you will get weird results. For CBBE 3BA just use the zeroed sliders preset that comes with CBBE/Bodyslide.

As with all bodygen setups this is best experienced on a new game otherwise NPCs you've already encountered won't be affected, and the bodygen morphs get baked into the save game so it will persist even if you uninstall it.