Skyrim SE: The Ironstride Sisters

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The Ironstride Sisters

Meet Danika and Monika Ironstride, daughters of Noora.

Danika is a very well-equipped 19-year old Nord, skilled in 1-handed combat, who comes with her own customised steel armor and some spare underwear in her inventory (based on Osare Panty).

Monika, a year younger than her sister, is much stronger than she looks - a sassy two-handed warrior who also has her own custom set of steel armor.

You'll find them both at Bannermist Tower fighting some bandits. If you're on a higher difficulty level, they might need your help.

This is NOT a standalone follower mod (sorry I'm too lazy). You will need:

Charmers of the Reach

CVR follower voices

Racemenu (otherwise they will have the default CBBE shape)


HDT-SMP / CBPC plus some form of "3BBB" physics, e.g. CBBE SMP or CBBE 3BBB

And obviously some sort of multi-follower mod if you want to recruit both of them.

Danika and Monika both have bodygen settings which means their body shape is set by Racemenu. Their body shape might not appear in-game until you save and reload after you meet them. If you have Standalone EFF Cosmetic Menu and the CBBE Racemenu plugin (just need the esp, nothing else) you can adjust their body shapes to your liking (they were designed with my All Shapes physics settings in mind).

I'm still a bit foggy on how bodygen works, but I've tested and confirmed that CBBE and SAM Light are not required even though they use morphs from those mods. Danika's schlong does all the things schlongs are supposed to do and will respond to Sexlab, Aroused SOS etc. Their nekkid bodies are CBBE 3BBB (with the 3 breast bones) and if you have CBBE SMP they will have upper-body collisions.

SOS or SAM Light is needed for schlong bending and animation otherwise it will stick out like a tree branch. With SOS or SL you can also adjust the schlong scaling.

Credit to EvilReFlex for the CBBE Futanari SOS add-on - it's not required for this mod but I used the mesh and textures.