Skyrim SE: Noora Ironstride

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Noora Ironstride

Noora Ironstride is a rather mighty Nord archer/ranger character with included CBBE BodyGen template. Noora will retain the same body shape if you dress her in different armor & clothing, provided it has been built in BodySlide with zeroed sliders and "build morphs" enabled (assuming you have RaceMenu). When you first meet her, save your game and reload to see her body shape.

You will find Noora either in Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath, or Frostfruit Inn in Rorikstead, or somewhere wandering in between. She's good with bows, one handed and sneaking with perks for all that stuff. She also has a tattoo.

Noora's voice is "Female Nord" so you will need Relationship Dialogue Overhaul to recruit her. CotR is also a dependency for the head parts, but she uses her own body separate from CotR's.

She has a very entertaining physics-enabled nude body that will have breast, hand & arm collisions if used with CBBE SMP (recommended to use the config included with my All Shapes bodygen mod).

She should also look fine with 3BBB and regular CBBE but without the collisions, unless you can somehow get collisions to work on her with 3BBB (I'm still not sure how all that works).

RaceMenu preset for CotR also included.

Aside from CotR assets, Noora uses Bijin skin with a customised specular (she is a bit shiny), a KS hairdo and some recolored pieces from Gigaduex's lovely armor sets.