Skyrim SE: Sascha

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Resources - Required
Sascha - Main Mod
Physics-enabled dangly bits addon (optional)

Sascha is supposedly the progeny of Danika and Joni (they had sex, and then Danika got old - see the blogs you'll see what I mean). You can find them either at Old Hroldan Inn, at the nearby shrine by the roadside, or somewhere in between (see the images).

They have a sword from Belsky's swords, and their outfit it is something called "Ninian" which I got from the Daz3D Store and converted. They use assets from Charmers of the Reach with permission from the author, who in turn uses assets from Daz3D - hopefully plugging their website makes us square (they do have lots of cool stuff).

I'm not 100% sure everything works so don't be surprised if they have pink hair or something. Modding for public consumption isn't my strong suit :(